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    Maybe you would like to learn more about one of these? Kitty Litter, Fresh & Clean! What pet meds are the best? Dog Food Delivered To You! How do you treat your dog? .Corn is a good filler and good for helping them stay warmer during the cold weather 1 person likes thisThe sunflower seeds, and sometimes a small bit of cracked corn) are what I use to call my hensThey ate leftovers during the summer from the garden and ate the wild grapes running over the fences near our pondHowever, if you add just 50 grams of soybeans to 100 grams of yellow dent corn (dry weight) it more than rounds out an adult male's one day requirement for the essential amino acidsSavvy birders who grow their own corn can even learn to crack it themselves, offering their backyard birds a healthy, inexpensive treat with ease


    I prefer scratch cornt thoughlol.,.,The pellets have the right proportion of protein, minerals and energy for the chickensSome people use medicated feed to protect the chicks against a protozoan disease called coccidiaA piece of crumbled stale bread, a bowl of yogurt, a bruised tomato, will all cause a happy commotion in the chicken yardIt can be purchased at wild bird stores or agricultural centers that offer animal feed, and it is often used as a filler in birdseed mixes.Birds That Eat Cracked CornMany different birds will eat cracked corn, and they are often larger species with hearty appetites------------------------------------------------------------------------- Escape Dry TDN, NEm, NEg, Protein, Corn Type Matter % Mcal/lb Mcal/lb CP, % % of CP ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dry Rolled Corn 86 90 1.02 0.70 9.8 60 Ear Corn 87 83 0.92 0.62 9.0 60 Steam Flaked Corn 82 94 1.06 0.73 10.0 45 High Moisture Corn 75 90 1.02 0.70 10.0 40 High Moisture Ear Corn 75 83 0.92 0.62 8.7 40 High Moisture Snapped Corn 74 81 0.90 0.59 8.8 40 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 people like thisSometimes, in the winter, theyd be given a handful of grain


    So, let your hen eat what she wants from sunup to sundownChickens appreciate table scrapsThey like it but it does not put any meat on them, it gives them energyCF 8 years ago 0 Thumbs up 0 Thumbs down Report Abuse Comment Add a comment Submit just now I believe cracked corn but your local feed store would probably have some stuff that would have a better variety of foods mixed inIt does quickly make hens fat, which can lead to serious egg-laying glitches.So, as much as your girls are gleeful about cracked corn, dont feed itYes, my password is: Forgot your password? Stay logged in Recent Active Popular New Are these Easter Eggers orTo keep everything tidy and healthy I have acompost bin in the chicken run


    Move the poultry shelter often to give the flock clean ground and fresh green feedThanks, but no thanks May 28, 2012 #10 dadthebaker Chillin' With My Peeps 106 2 91 Nov 7, 2011 Los Angeles Area I have read in some husbandry book, BC (before chickens) that cracked corn is like candy to chickens and should be fed to them in the same manner as one would feed candy to a childEncouraging feed consumptionGround alfalfa probably is not available organically yet, but you can use hay and chop or crush it into pieces that are smaller than 1 inch, or feed the leavesAs far as any heat value in corn nutrition you are probably right.Cracked corn and feed would have pretty much the same value.By the chickens breaking down the corn I look at it as having to work harder causing the body put out more heat.Not because of the nutritional value,but by the body working harder to digest it.Not only that but when you feed cracked corn you are feeding more than the 50 to 70% range,so I also feel that this could also make a difference of some sort 515b946325

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